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Bringing the bubbly, knowledgable brand voice and tone of Sara Bryki Co. to life through SEO-focused blogs has been a welcome and rewarding challenge.

The Ask

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The team at Sara Bryki Co. is in the business of helping people connect with crystals, the earth, and themselves. Through education and sales, Sara and her team bring positivity and knowledge to their community of over 20k. But in December 2020, they identified a weakness in their marketing strategy. While they sporadically created content, their posts lacked an SEO focus and they were struggling to rank on Google.

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The Solution

Sara Bryki Co. partnered with MWC to create and execute a content strategy to build the website’s SEO and organic traffic reach. Using keyword research, competitive analysis, and trend research, we built out a 12-month content calendar with 4 articles per month. Each article was tied to 1 main keyword and 3-5 sub-keywords. During 2021, we published 52 SEO-driven blog posts.

The Results

Month over month, Sara Bryki Co. sees growth in their organic search, keyword rankings, and organic traffic.

Over the course of 12 months, SBCo increased their first page keyword rankings by 3,500%. Their organic traffic increased from 8.92% in December 2020 to 47.28% January 2022.

“We’ve been using Marianne Wright Creative for almost 2 years now and can’t say enough good things about our experience,” says founder and CEO Sara Bryki. “Marianne is a fabulous content developer. Sara Bryki Co. specializes in educating people on the healing benefits of stones & crystals, which was a new industry for Marianne. She acclimated to writing about stones & crystals like a pro (because she is a pro!) and we continue to have more and more feedback on our blogs as a result.”

In 2022, SBCo resigned with MWC,  increased their blog posts to 8 per month, and effectively doubled their investment in their SEO strategy

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In their words...
"since the beginning of our partnership, Marianne continues to strategically guide us, boost our SEO placement, and provide amazing content. We highly recommend working with Marianne Wright Creative!"

- Sara Bryki, Founder & CEO
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