About Us

Breathing life into brands through the art of storytelling and the science of data-driven strategy, Marianne Wright Creative balances the need to build a strong and meaningful brand positioning with an engaging personality that converts.

Who Is Marianne Wright?

I'm Just A Girl, Standing In Front of A Brand...

… Saying hello 👋

Hi friend, I’m Marianne, founder and CEO of Marianne Wright Creative. I’ve spent most of my life getting to know the written word—if you went back in time to visit me, odds are you’d see me writing in a notebook. And while my high school poetry and rants about my boyfriends will stay under lock and key, I took my love of writing everywhere.

After completing a BA in English and a Masters in Publishing and Editing, I spent 7+ years working in a variety of content-heavy positions—editor, content marketer, writer. 

Eventually, I found myself wanting more and that’s when I opened Marianne Wright Creative. Since 2019, I have been using the written word to tell the stories of brands who value authenticity, innovation, and a good story.

Our mission

To help innovative women-led businesses tell their stories in a way that grows their brand reach. Good copy should help to build authentic connections with the end goal of creating communities. That doesn't come from fluffy copywriting that simply sounds good. It comes from data-driven decisions that are backed by sound strategy.

Our Vision

The best stories are told in a strategic way to capture an audience's attention and come from the heart with honesty. People relate to the experiences of others and every experience is it's own story. We want to empower brand's to share these stories with their audience through authentic and honest copywriting.

Our Approach

Collaboration and trust are central to our approach to every project we undertake. We enter every project as our authentic selves with the goal of ensuring that your brand's authenticity shines through every element we touch. Storytelling is an art form and we're here to help you make art.

Good Copy Is No Mistake

It's time to get clear on your messaging and start sharing your brand's story. With creative copy that’s supported by search optimization and data-driven strategy, your unique brand story will not only come to life, but will bring in new clients that tick all your must-haves.

Let's Work Together!