creative copywriting solutions for your brand


If your copywriting isn’t working for you, it’s working against you. Our services are designed to create copy that reflects your brand, communicates your story with personality, and is backed by data, science, and all things that close sales.

Brand Story & Website Copy

Don’t get lost in the sea of open tabs and competitors' websites. Craft a message that aligns with your brand vision and mission. Let your personality shine through every part of your website. Do all this and more with copywriting that brings your brand voice to life and supports it with data-driven strategies that sell.


SEO & Content Strategy

Wooing Google is never easy—it’s a fickle algorithm and you can spend years trying to get on that first page with no luck. That’s where we come in. We will build a personalized SEO-focused content strategy that brings data and personality together to create content that your ideal client can’t help but read and Google can’t help but rank. Your strategy will be tailored to your needs and niche.


Lead Magnet & Email Funnel Copy

Building and leveraging your email list is one of the most profitable marketing investments you can make. With a staggering 4,100% average return on investment, feel free to ignore the people shouting “email is dead” because they’re wrong. We will create a high-value lead magnet designed specifically for your ideal client. Your new leads will then be entered into a nurturing sales funnel that marries data-driven strategies with personality-infused copy with one goal—to close more sales. 



Whether you are looking for help with overall content strategy, ad copy, website copy audits, or any other copywriting needs, our Editor-On-Demand service can help. You’ll meet (digitally!) with Marianne to work through whatever copy issues are standing in your way—nothing is off limits! This is your chance to tap into Marianne's 10+ years of expertise.


Pricing & Process

Want to learn more about our services, pricing, and process? We'll send our detailed pricing and process guide directly to your email.

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