What I Can Do For You

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Digital Marketing Strategy

An agile marketing strategy will help your company achieve your business goals. After speaking with you and your team, I will help to build you a strategy that combines the facets of digital marketing best suited to your needs.

Working collaboratively, I will build a strategy for how you approach everything from social media and search engine marketing, to content programs and public relations to ensure you are always working towards your business goals.

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Interactive Marketing Campaigns

When trying to reach your users, the key to a successful campaign is engagement. You need a campaign that allows users to interact with you and your brand.

With marketing that elicits a response from your users, you will be able to create an experience that won't be forgotten.

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Copy sells your brand, your product, your business.

Strong marketing copy is the difference between standing out from your competition and just being part of the noise on the internet.

I craft compelling copy that drives to the heart of the user's problem and shows them how your product is the solution they've been searching for.

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Editorial Services

When reading a piece of content, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or even continuity errors take the reader out the experience and make them question the validity of the source they are reading.

From white papers and ebooks, to website copy and blog articles, it is imperative that your content and copy is error free. I work with your existing content to ensure it meets the highest editorial standards.